An epidemic of NBA players shooting the ball after the whistle continues to run wild in all levels of basketball.  Obviously, they don’t count so what’s the point taking them?  I’m going to assume its a fun thing, and I rarely go against fun.

More and more players have begun blocking these pointless shots.  Some players take this duty more seriously than others.  Enter, the always energetic and intense Russell Westbrook.

During the fourth quarter of OKCs’ 102-97 loss to the Pacers Sunday afternoon, Pacers Paul George took a dead-ball shot and Westbrook wanted no part of it, racing to block the shot.

However, this wasn’t the end.  As the teams parted to their respective benches, George Hill decided to attempt another shot, and Westbrook again steps in swatting away the irrelevant shot.  The problem was the landing.

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This wasn't the first time Westbrook has stepped in to ruin ‘fun’ shots.  He infamously wouldn’t allow Nuggets’ mascot Rocky to shot from half court.