The 800-metre race at the Irish Indoor Championship was ruined, not by another runner or PED’s, but by a giant rubber band from a pole vaulter nearby and we should all feel terrible about this.

The victim was leading in the final turn, when a pole vaulter’s rubber band flew onto the track, wrapping up leader Aengus Meldon’s legs and forcing him to awkwardly stutter-step into second place at the finish line.

The Irish announcer was hilarious and basically tongue tied suggesting a conspiracy, saying, “It was like Spider-Man threw something at him. Spider-Man attacked him.”

Despite the attack, Meldon advanced to the finals finishing in eighth place.

Kudos to Meldon for keeping his cool. I’d have stopped, removed the rope/practice bar from my legs, and been looking for someone to swing at. I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

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