Hollywood actor Sean Astin reprized his role from the movie 'Rudy' for an ESPN commercial promoting the upcoming college football playoff. He's a little bit older now, and a little bit chubbier, but he's still Rudy and it gave me chills seeing him in the Notre Dame uniform again.

...and hey, aren't we all a little bit older looking and a little bit chubbier than we were in 1993.

I'm sort of excited for the college football playoff. I wish they had gone to eight teams because there is certainly enough time on the schedule to pull it off, but I'll accept four teams for now and see how it plays out. 

For anyone who thinks that a playoff format will eliminate all controversy from the process...you're wrong. Now, instead of people shouting from the rooftops that their team was not included in the final 2 they will be shouting from the rooftops that their team was not included in the final 4.

Also, we'll see how the "regardless of conference" part of the conversation plays out. I'm sure a small conference school will get thrown a bone in the first couple of years, but everyone knows that money talks and the biggest money comes from the bigger conferences. 

Another interesting twist to watch out for...does the selection committee have the guts to put three SEC schools in the final four despite the fact that the third school may not have the best W/L record when compared to the top schools from other conferences? If Auburn, Alabama, and Florida all beat up on each other...it doesn't mean they aren't three of the four best teams in the country.

It's going to be fun to read all of the columnists and listen to all of the TV mouth-bags over the next five months.

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