NFL training camps don't begin for a couple more weeks, so that means we have sometime before we can dump on the Patriots tight end for doing anything that could potentially cause injury - other than playing football.  

The video is grainy, but it’s clearly Rob Gronkowski and Patriots owner Robert Kraft mingling and dancing with the common folk.  Kudos to Gronk, that guy’s going to have a good time and do his damnedest to make sure everyone around him does as well.  There can’t be many athletes in professional sports having dance off’s with their boss.   

I can’t praise Gronk’s dance skills, his wild bull in a china shop approach looks like something Jimmy Fallon would have an instructional video for.  Patriots owner Robert Kraft on the other hand has some of those smooth old man moves, suggesting that there might have been some lessons taken at some point.

Via - NESN

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