Samsonite blogged about Hank the dog over the weekend. Hank is a stray dog who has been adopted by the Milwaukee Brewers at their spring training facility in Phoenix. Well, now Hank is all dressed up and running in the Brewers' traditional sausage races.

The word is that if Hank's owner does not turn up by the time the Brewers break camp and head north, he will be moving to Milwaukee and making regular appearances in the regular season races at Miller Park.

Great news.

This is actually the kind of thing the team could rally around to lighten up the long baseball season. Last year the Red Sox had their beards and the "Boston Strong" campaign. Most championship teams have something out of the ordinary following them all season...this could be no different.

Distractions are actually a good thing for baseball teams. 

"Don't think, it can only hurt the ball-club."