I’ve never understood why fans challenge the toughness of NFL players, most of us call in sick to work if we have a headache that a pill doesn’t fix, if we are fortunate enough to have that option. Yet on Sunday, athletes roll out in terrifying amounts of pain and if they don‘t, are openly refereed to as soft. It’s twisted the way fans view what’s happening on their TV’s during a football Sunday.

Derek Carr answered any questions about his toughness on Sunday afternoon and cemented his name in the NFL MVP race after dislocating his pinky on an otherwise routine snap.

Carr came out of the game but only missed one possession. Credit to him for coming back and not only toughing it out but leading a 4th quarter comeback against the defending NFC champs. That’s with a dislocated pinky on his throwing hand.

After week 12 the Raiders have the inside track for a first round bye and Carr is emerging as one of the top weapons in the sport, especially in the 4th quarter . The 2014 second-round pick entered Sunday with a 119.2 fourth-quarter/overtime passer rating, which ranked No. 1among starting quarterbacks. And he had already led four fourth-quarter comebacks, which ranked second to only Matthew Stafford. That’s the blue print for being in the MVP race as a quarterback.

There’s still lots of time left and won’t be easy as the schedule appears to do the Raiders no favors down the stretch with the Bills, Chiefs, Chargers, Colts, and Broncos remaining. If the Raiders can continue to score 30 points a week, despite a mediocre (to be kind) running game. Why not give the award to Carr?

Elsewhere, Justin Tucker tried his best to bring cool to the NFL kicker. After last week’s shameful performance by kickers, 12 extra points missed, an NFL record, things could only get better. The Ravens kicker trolled Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who declined a 10-yard penalty thinking that Tucker couldn’t make a 57-yard field goal. A kick he had to beg coach Harbaugh to let him kick according to reporters.

The Ravens kicker hit three 50-yard field goals in the first half and was the MVP of the day for Baltimore.


As far as the playoff picture, we didn’t get many answers this week. If anything we got reminded that the NFL playoff structure is designed to stretch out till the end of the season and keep as many teams in contention for as long as possible. The Buccaneers, Dolphins, Ravens, Saints, and Titans all feel like they’re a loss away from a disappointing season but heading into next week are all firmly in the hunt for the post season - despite themselves.

The only sure thing playoff teams at the moment are Patriots, Raiders, Cowboys, and Seahawks. All four teams have question marks heading into December but for the moment are the top four teams in the NFL.

Here are a collection of highlights and lowlights from a mediocre Week 12.

First there was the butt fumble, now there’s the but touchdown:

Jared Goff hit Tavon Austin for his first NFL touchdown pass:

So did 2013 NFL Draft pick Matt Barkley:

Later Barkley demonstrated he has what it takes to be a Chicago Bears quarterback:

No clear winner for most outstanding touchdown catch, but there were plenty of beauties starting with Rishard Matthews:

Torrey Smith reminded us how wasted he is in San Francisco:

Kelvin Benjamin’s first catch of the game was memorable and not just for Fantasy managers:

Larry Fitzgerald is still out here making filthy one-handed catches:


DeAndre Hopkins went full hot potato on this one:


Jason Pierre-Paul had the feel good touchdown of the week:

Khalil Mack had a day for the ages, highlighted by this pick-6:

On the bright side for Cam, he got his first rough the passer call since 2014:


and did this:


and almost got a kid beat up in the crowd:

Vontaze Burfict brought out a flop for the ages after Steve Smith bumped him and it worked gloriously:

Odell Beckham Jr. had planned touchdown celebrations, even if the touchdowns didn’t count:

OBJ had a chance to perform later on, with the game clinching touchdown:

The Falcons exhibited some A+ trolling of the Cleveland Browns:


The Ravens paid extra close attention to the NFL rulebook this week:

The Saints ran up the score against former defensive coordinator Greg Williams (the man behind Bountygate) and it was glorious:

There was a heartfelt moment in the Tampa Bay as Alterraun Verner intercepted a pass two days after his father passed, his teammates mobbed him on the field:

Tom Brady showed the NFL how to block...it worked anyway...

Bills fans were acting like Bills fans:

The Bills on the field were running all over the Jaguars:

Colin Kaepernick was a fantasy stud on Sunday, but he didn’t seem to get much love in Miami on Sunday. Turns out wearing a Fidel Castro shirt isn’t something Miami forgets:

There was something going on Miami as NFL announcer Chris Spielman kinda sorta well...

Bennie Fowler scored a 76 yard touchdown for the Broncos in the 4th quarter and that play is being blamed for the Chiefs winning:


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