The 1919 World Series is one of the dark points of North American sports is also one of the most fascinating and mysterious. A new video has emerged featuring video clips from the 'Black Sox' World Series, but the most amazing part might be where the videos have been for the last 100 years.

This is the kind of story that makes historians want to become historians. One of the most famous stories in sports history, video footage believed to be lost forever, this lost footage discovered in the most unlikely place imaginable. 

Here is the story on the footage as told by Sports Illustrated:

The video was shot by a British newsreel company named Pathe News and was discovered in the archives of a Canadian library by a White Sox fan trying to make a documentary about lost films. The film of the series ended up in the Canadian Yukon and was then consigned to a basement of a local library. In 1929, the film, along with hundreds of other cans of footage, was dumped into an empty swimming pool that was being converted into a hockey rink. The films lay preserved below the ice and dirt until 1978, when the rink was bulldozed and the cans were uncovered. From there, the films were sent to the Canadian national archives in Ottawa and remained in storage there until filmmaker Bill Morrison unexpectedly found the 1919 Series footage in January.

There is plenty of cool stuff in the video despite the fact that there is no audio.

We have video of 29-game winner Eddie Cicotti getting lit up by the Reds in Game 1. Cicotte was the series-dumping ring leader amongst the White Sox roster and was told by the gamblers to hit the first batter of the series if the fix was in. Unfortunately, we don't have video of him hitting the first batter...but we do have shots of Cicotti looking not too exited to be there.

Also included in the video is, what is believed to be, the earliest example of aerial video footage of a sporting event. The aerial footage start around the 4:00 mark of the video.

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