Baseball players are disgusting...I know this personally. Ball players are like 12-year-old boys wearing disguises of grown-up men in their 20's and 30's. 

The bullpen is where the lowest-of-the-low congregate on a daily basis. The baseball bullpen is like that weird corner of the school-yard where the guy with the boogers hanging out of his nose, the dude with the creepy Dad who likes to hang out around the school all day, and the loser who has to wear his sister's hand-me-down clothes all like to hang out.

Things get pretty weird in "The Pen".

While in studio for an appearance on a Dallas/Fort Worth radio station, Texas Rangers' lefty Derek Holland explained a couple of the time passing games that he and his teammates would play while sitting around being bored.

"Basically, there are two games. One is called pink eye. That is when you just fart in somebody's face and they can't flinch. If they move, there is a penalty for it. This all came from Mark Lowe. 'Fart Bottle Roulette' is when you get a bunch of little water bottles, fart into one of them, put them in a bag, shuffle it, and than watch everybody's reaction. Everybody opens a bottle one by one and it's the most nerve-wracking thing every because you really don't want that bottle."

None of this surprises me. What would surprise me would be if I found out that there isn't any money on the line for this roulette game. Double-whammy. Fart smell and you have to pay all of the other guys $20.

Just grown-ups playing a kids game.

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