Sasha Lee Dindayal is a recording artist, fashionista, cook, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the wife of one of my favorite football players of all-time Antonio Gates - for no other reason than fantasy football. I know that his injury history has made him a polarizing topic in the fantasy football community but the man has never done me dirty, something I can’t say about Jamaal Charles or Arian Foster. Mrs. Gates is a former model, music video vixen, and according to rumors, lived some wild years before settling down into the life of an NFL WAG.

The pair were married in 2011 and seem to be going steady and drama free as far as celebrity couples go. However, beforehand she appears to have been living a little recklessly. There are reports she did some escorting on Craiglist back in the day. She was previously engaged to Antonio’s former teammate Marcellus Wiley and according to Bossip he broke of the engagement because of rumored infidelity on her part. She also previously dated and lived with famous music video director Hype Williams - which again ended because of her cheating. There‘s also a marriage mixed in there to some guy named Joe.

In an article on Fabwags, there’s mention that Antonio isn’t free and clear of stepping out on ladies in the past either. The future Hall-of-Famer was still living with his ex-girlfriend and she went nuclear after seeing Sasha leaving one day and drove her car into the iron gates of the mansion, smashing her car and breaking one of her breast implants.

But all this appears to be in the past and all the reports I find on their shenanigans are a couple years old. It seems the internet didn’t think this couple would make it this long. Maybe true love does conquer all.

You can check out more of Mrs. Gates on Instagram.

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