This week's WAG of the Week is Sam Cooke...and no, not the dude from the 50's/60's who sang "Chain Gang" and "You Send Me" (if you're looking for THAT Sam Cooke you can find him here). The Sam Cooke we're talking about is a blonde bombshell from England who is dating Manchester United defender Chris Smalling.

Sam Cooke is a glamour model (which is modern day code for a internet slut) and a "Page 3" model. Those two "jobs" combine for some of the easiest image searches I will ever do while researching a WAG of the Week.

Interesting fact about Sam Cooke, the model: She wears a size 4 shoe. SIZE 4!!! She is extremely top-heavy so I think her simply standing upright defies the laws of physics. She's like a miracle.

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