Polly Parsons is the longtime love and baby mama of Belgian centre-back Thomas Vermaelen. The pair met in 2012, while he was playing for Arsenal and she was working as a glamour model/TV presenter on BBC3‘s The Real Hustle.

The 32-year-old from Bristol, England has been involved in the arts since she was a child, appearing on UK-based child-themed shows Fun Song Factory, Genie in the House, Toonattik and Nickelodeon’s Disastrous.

She attended a sacred heart convent primary school and an all-girls secondary school - Redland High School. At 16 she made a big move and started her residential course at the Elmhurst School of Performing Arts where she flourished in art, drama and dance and received her diploma in performing arts. Despite the hard work and pedigree Parsons has had more success as a personality/model than any of her TV work. Which is too bad, I watched some YouTube mixes of her on The Real Hustle and she was very charming.

These days it appears she has put her career on hold to focus on being a mom to her two sons she has with Vermaelen.

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