So often sports fans only hear about the spouse of an athlete because of drama. The gossip side of sports and fans looking into the bedrooms/wallets of athletes has never been so popular and accessible. In the case of former Washington wide reciever TJ Thorpe and his ladyfriend Kayla Cason they became know for their sweet pre game ritual.

Thorpe was an undrafted free-agent that was with Washington during the pre-season and was cut somewhere along the way, but that doesn’t take away from his work off the field that landed him with the lovely Ms. Cason. Not much is known about Kayla Cason.

According to her Instagram she’s a model and brand ambassador. She isn’t one of those stick thin models, Cason is 100% an athlete, there are videos on her Instagram pulling a jeep! It appears she played volleyball at Norfolk State University where she was a defensive specialist aka. Libero.

I’ll admit, this was one of the more difficult WAG’s to find content on, but their pre-game ritual is awesome. I put Kayla Cason’s name on my WAG list in August after I first saw the pre-game ritual during an NFL preseason game. Hopefully Thorpe gets another shot at the NFL, if only so we can see this is ritual done as a touchdown celebration and get called as a taunting penalty.

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