Bianca Ghezzi is an Instagram model who recently spent a weekend with Johnny Manziel. How do we know all this? Because she gave an interview to the Daily Mail.

I’m not one for kissing and telling but I don’t begrudge the 23-year old model for getting her name out there and trying to expand her brand. To be fair, she said some of the nicest things I’ve read about Johnny Football in months. There is that ongoing domestic violence case and everything.

She referred to the Browns quarterback as:

‘He’s such a sweetheart, he’s a reserved guy. He doesn’t talk often, he’s really quiet,’ said Ghezzi.

Manziel may be an awful NFL quarterback but he does have taste, Ms. Ghezzi is absolutely stunning. You can follow her on Instagram, for some reason she has a blocked twitter account which seems incredibly dumb for someone trying to expand her brand over social media.

If you're still reading the video at the bottom of her showing her 'unique' talent is awesome.

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