On Thursday Night Football, Keenan Allen of the San Diego Chargers pulled the old 'up-and-over' TD move against the Broncos. The leap helped the Chargers upset Denver and earned him the Replay of the Day.

We see the jump move by wide receivers and tight ends at least five times a week now. This one stands out a bit because it did lead to a touchdown, in prime time, to upset the mighty Broncos. It also indirectly led to some a****** fan (who, I guess, is not used to his team losing at home) to go on a stabbing spree at the stadium after the game. Not cool.

The jump move is a product of the new 'no contact above the neck' rules in the NFL. Defenders have no choice but try to go low and take out the receiver's legs. The smart offensive player will simply leap over the low-tackling defender...hey Gronk, notice I said "smart" player.

Chargers' Keenan Allen Hurdles a Broncos Defender on His Way into End Zone