The PSD RedZone Reply of the Day doesn't always have to be a positive result. The New York Knicks continue to find new ways to baffle their fans...this time compliments of Andrea Bargnani.

The video, pretty much, speaks for itself. The Knicks were up by two in the dying seconds of the 1st overtime period. Carmelo Anthony misses a shot with 16 seconds left (expiring shot clock), Tyson Chandler grabs the offensive board and kicks the ball out to Bargnani. Still up by two points with 13 seconds remaining and a fresh shot clock the game-plan should be to sit on the ball and wait to get fouled...not in Bargnani-world. Andrea immediately heaves up a three-point attempt that clanks, the Bucks get the rebound, call a timeout (see how that works Woodson), and tie the game on the ensuing play to send the contest to double-OT.

Despite the fact that the Knicks won the game in double-OT, their fans and fellow players are now beginning to get a taste of what Toronto Raptors' fans have known for years. Bargnani has flashes when he makes you think, "Wow, this guy is the total package!" and then he shows his true colors and reveals the truth to the world...Andrea Bargnani is basketball-stupid.

Smart play.