For the first time this season the NFL was the only football in town, there was one college football game, but only one. If you wanted football over the weekend the NFL was your only option as minor league football is in bowl season. And while, we may not have gotten a lot of high quality football yesterday, things were exciting and with only three weeks left in the regular season, lots of interesting narratives positioned themselves for a fun couple weeks.

The NFL model is designed to create parity, if you have a bad record you get a higher pick and first crack at the incoming talent the NCAA develops and pushes out. If your really good at drafting, the salary cap prevents you from keeping all your good players and forces players to go to other teams to cash in. The downside is it prevents great teams from staying together, the upside lots of mediocre teams - which means more teams have a shot at the playoffs.

In the NFC, five teams are within one game of the second wild-card spot and all those five teams won Sunday. The AFC looks awfully similar, six teams are battling for two division titles and two wild-card spots. There’s a mix of established stars - Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller, Antonio Brown, Eli Manning (I think) trying to propel there teams to the postseason. And a mix of up and comers trying to prove they belong alongside the NFL’s marquee names. Jamies Winston, Marcus Mariotta and a group of inbetweeners that have teased us with potential for years but we still don’t have a consensus on, Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, and Kirk Cousins.

Also Week 14, was the first week of fantasy football playoffs and if you had Le’Veon Bell congrats on your victory and if you were against the Steelers running back, it’s not your fault theres nothing you could do. If you had Bell and lost, I don’t know what to tell you.

As for the contenders, the Cowboys lost for only the second time this season. An 11-game winning-streak book ended with loses to their NFC rival Giants. The game was pretty gross, but it was exciting and I look forward to the Cowboys blame game that’s going to be played for the next few days. Maybe, if the Cowboys lose next week on Sunday night fans will start chanting for Romo.


While we get to see an exciting playoff push this season, this is also the time of year that coaches have to take a look at their resumes. Jeff Fisher was handed his pink slip earlier today (the day after he tied the NFL record for career loses) and rumors exploded online Sunday that Rex Ryan will be looking for a new employer by 2017, if not sooner.

Here are a collection of highlights and lowlights from Week 14.

Ryan Tannehill provided us with the worst pass of the year:


Jonathan Stewart got style points for this acrobatic first down:

The Cleveland Browns performed the way we expect and for some reason attempted a flea flicker from their own end zone (and other Browns stuff):


The officials were as consistent as always:

Titans receiver Harry Douglas made a lot of enemies with a vicious chop block on Chris Harris Jr.:

chief among them, crazy person Aqib Talib:

Deshazor Everett Destroys Darren Sproles With illegal, I repeat illegal Hit On a Punt:

Adam Jones went looking for Browns wideout Terrell Pryor during a post game interview:

Odell Beckham Jr. moonwalks in the endzone after scoring a touchdown:

In Buffalo... Bills fans continue to make poor choices outside the stadium:

Jay-Z’s pep talk for Dez Bryant really didn’t work:


Falcons Vic Beasley was a defensive menace, even if his celebration game is bush:

Robert Kelley Goes inner Beastmode For Awesome Marshawn Lynch like Rushing TD:

Le’Veon Bell made fantasy dreams come true and crushed others with three touchdowns and nearly 300 yards of offense:

Aaron Rodgers continues to improve as the season goes on, highlighted by this 66 yard beauty to Davante Adams:

Meanwhile, Russel Wilson:

Kirk Cousins continues to be the poster child for a little bit of good and a little bit of bad:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


The Eagles showed us that long snappers matter, after magician and long snapper Jon Dorenbos was forced out of the game:


Matthew Stafford keeps on winning games for the Lions, you would think he would be better at celebrating by now. In his defense, he does have torn ligaments in his hand:


The catch of the week comes via the Jacksonville Jaguars?


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