Last night during the Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup celebrations on the Staples Center ice, a girl (not sure if she was one of the Kings' ice girls, a guest of the team, or a reporter) took a massive digger on live television.

There is a lesson to be learned from all of this. If you are going to a hockey game that involves a clinching situation, and if there is any chance that you will be invited on to the ice afterward, either bring along a change of footwear or wear more sensible shoes for the entire evening.

High heels and ice do not mix. We're not talking about some hearty Canadian who deals with these conditions outside for six months of the year...this is L.A.  This poor girl is not dressed properly to be on ice and now the entire world will see her plant her face firmly on the confetti and cold glass.

On a positive note...there is no way she will remember this. Concussion-city.


The girl was LA Kings Ice Girl Hanna Hunsinger and she was, apparently, OK after squashing her melon off the ice.

“You would think after skating on the ice, I would be ok with walking on it, but that wasn’t the case!”

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