By the time the Florida Panthers franchise gets this hockey thing figured out it may be too late.

Horrible attendance, horrible on-ice product, a 40-year old grouch in goal, and now they can't even figure out how to replace a broken pane of glass. 

Times are tough in the Miami hockey market, so they can't even afford to keep spare sheets of replacement glass on hand in case they are needed (in actuality they just didn't, or couldn't, remove the protective coating from the glass). Instead they had to go the old "cardboard over the opening" routine like the back windshield of a busted up '78 Pinto. Somehow an appropriate metaphor for Panthers' hockey.

Hey Miami...I'm willing to bet Quebec City, Seattle, Oklahoma City, or Toronto II knows how to replace a broken pane of glass.  Just sayin'.

H/T - The Nosebleeds