This old guy, with his jersey tucked into his jeans, made what was truly the best catch you will see, on or off the field, at Wrigley this season. He risked his life for an $8 baseball and fully deserved to keep it.

I usually hate on fans pulling the baseball switcheroo but this guy risked so much to make his catch that exchanging it for a burner-ball makes perfect sense.

The lady sitting next to him in the bleachers is his wife and the look on her face is the perfect reaction to this highlight. The old man came close to dying on Monday and her reaction tells the whole story.

"You sneaky old dog."

I've been calling him "old man" but his actual name is Mike Pullin. The 65-year old Cubs fan not only saved the Mark Reynolds home run from landing on Waveland Ave. but he cheated death on Monday evening at the Friendly Confines of old Wrigley Field.

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