During an Ontario Hockey League game in Mississauga between the Guelph Storm and hometown Steelheads, a fan became a legend by climbing over the plexiglass boards during the second period and putting on a show for the audience.

I’m not suggesting the routine was any good, he’s was doing his best to remain standing but he was absolutely having fun and most in the arena seemed to enjoy his actions. Which is much more entertaining than a hockey game that ends 11-3.

Kudos to the referees for stay out of the way and letting someone else handle this guy. He clearly wasn’t out to hurt anyone and already came to terms with the fact he could spend the night in jail. I’m not saying I want this to become a more regular thing, I generally loath any fan the storms onto the field of play and passionately route for bad things to happen to them. Something about this example just seemed fun.

What did the players think of it?

How can anyone be mad watching this GIF?

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