Sometimes an athlete in the midst of the biggest game of their career and knowing that millions of football fans are watching you on television/discovering you for the first time can be hard on the nerves. Suddenly, you projectile vomit not once but twice while standing beside your quarterback and instantly you're an internet meme.

I would like to introduce you to North Texas running back Jeffrey Wilson.

Poor former Alabama quarterback and current graduate transfer North Texas signal caller Alec Morris. He was just focusing on pre-snap reads and other things a quarterback is thinking about before receiving the snap during a major bowl game, until he looks over and see’s his trusted running back vomiting all over the field. These kinda working conditions don’t happen at Bama.

The true magic moment of this is that he vomits on back-to-back plays, not even at a particularly nerve wracking moment of the game. The purging of the stomach took place during a drive late in the first half. On the plus side of all this, North Texas ended the drive with a touchdown pass and Wilson finished the game with 127 total yards and two touchdowns.

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