We’ve all seen video of accidental dogs tackling a toddler, and there always entertaining. There’s something about a dog knocking over a toddler that triggers universal laugher, as long as no one gets hurt.

This one stands out from the crowd, its as if this fluffy white beast knows something about football. After executing a solid tackle and causing a fumble, the four-legged friend stunts on the boy while standing over him, then turns his attention to recovering the fumble for a return.

NFL senior vice president of officiating Dean Blandino took to Twitter on Wednesday to give his official ruling on the catch. In what is almost a weekly reminder, that no one completely understands what an NFL catch is.

The video is from 2012, not sure if it would have been a catch back then or not.  Luckily for Browns fans, because the video is a few years old that's enough to stop your organization for using a pick during the 2017 NFL Draft.  

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