Didn't look like a foul to me. LeBron James was rejected on a dunk attempt at the buzzer on Tuesday night by Mason Plumlee of the Nets. The win by Brooklyn completed a season sweep of the Miami Heat.

Despite what LeBron said after the game, if these two teams meet in the playoffs it will certainly create an interesting story-line for the series. Brooklyn has won 5 of their last six games and has climbed up to 5th place in the Eastern Conference. The playoff meeting wouldn't likely happen until the second round, but the Nets must be licking their chops at the prospect of knocking off the Heat.

After the game, LeBron claimed he was fouled on the final play and should have been shooting a pair of free throws. Not a chance...clean block.

He also told Craig Sager to, "Get out of here." when asked if Brooklyn is Miami's biggest challenge in the East. Tick-tock...the playoffs are coming.

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