So many aspects of this situation are funny. Patty Mills and Aron Baynes of the San Antonio Spurs decided to photobomb a local Australian sports reporter while he was doing a live report on Aussie Rules Football. Life lesson...never interrupt a football report. 

I'll show the video first and then I'll break it down a little bit:

The first observation that I'll make is in regards to the facial expression on Fox Sports Australia reporter Julian de Stoop. The look on his face when Mills and Baynes invade his footy report is utter disgust. Hilarious.

"I thought Mills and Baynes were a couple of Collingwood punters. Oops. I guess the NBA championship trophy - which has been beamed around the world countless times over the years - should’ve given it away, but my mind was fixed on reporting the latest news on Nick Maxwell, Dane Swan and the ‘Pies." Herald Sun

Well, they passed right in front of you and you clearly looked at them as they went by. If you didn't notice the large gold trophy in their hand...that's on you, Julian.

Which brings us to my second point. What in the hell are Patty Mills and Aron Baynes doing running around in the streets of Australia with the Larry O'Brien Trophy? Doesn't the NBA have a "handler" like the NHL has with the Stanley Cup? Are they just trolling Australia for girls and using the NBA Championship as their bling? I'd probably do the same thing.

Of course the funniest part of the video is the fact that de Stoop shoves Patty Mills away. Mills, with his arm still in a sling from his recent shoulder surgery, takes the shove in stride and the photobombing pair just dance on their merry way out of the camera shot.

Julian deStoop has some great facial expressions, and they are once again on display after the anchor informs him of what he just did. He is clearly embarrassed by the whole thing which, I suppose, is the point of a good photobomb.

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