Eastern Kentucky's Marcus Lewis won the College Dunk Contest, but Michigan State's Adreian Payne stole the show. The dunk everyone is talking about is his two-handed, 360-degree, double clutch dunk...but the dunk wasn't the entire story.

You can really break this dunk down into three parts.

The pre-dunk segment involved a good luck touch (maybe a kiss of the basketball) by Payne's good friend Lacey Holsworth (watch the video below if you don't know their story).

The dunk was very solid. He got really low with the clutch and threw down the two-hander with plenty of power. At 6'10" and 245 pounds Adreian Payne showed a lot of scouts a different side of his skill-set...big time athleticism.

After the dunk Payne used the basketball as a bowling ball and rolled a strike using all of the other dunkers and three-point competitors as his pins. Some will criticize this as childish or silly, but for me the showmanship is the best part of any dunk contest. Having a good dunk is, of course, important but putting on a show for the fans is what really matters.

Well done, Adreian Payne...keep having fun.

Here is the video of Adreian and Lacy: