Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, welcome to the shadiest clown show in sports - the nauseating Major League Baseball vs. PEDs ongoing drama!  This week's addition to the cast is '60 Minutes'.  That's right; for some reason, one of the most respected voices in journalism let MLB use them as a sock puppet to urinate all over its highest paid employee.

Full '60 Minutes' video:

In this latest episode, commissioner Bud Selig paraded out star witness and Biogenesis of America founder Anthony Bosch with the intention of making Alex Rodriguez look like a villain from a Looney Tunes sketch.  What is the purpose of claiming Rodriguez is scared of needles, other than to make him look a bit silly?  How does revealing this trivial information benefit the game or its fans? It certainly doesn't prove A-Rod did anything wrong.

Bosch is just protecting his own ass with this latest appearance, serving at the will of MLB.  That came across pretty clearly; if the League hadn’t blackmailed and bullied him into submission, he would be doing business as usual.  Business, by the way, was selling his banned substances to anyone with the cash to pay for it, including high school athletes.  How does that little tidbit not get asked by 60 Effing Minutes? Isn’t selling controlled substances to minors (who can be seriously harmed by them) a bigger crime than selling them to an adult professional athlete?
(Side note: This friend of A-Rod's who threatened Tony Bosch - he’s in jail, right?  A credible threat to someone’s life gets you put in jail, right?  That IS the law, right?)

Major League Baseball paid $125,000 for stolen documents from a disgruntled business associate of Bosch’s.  Of course that is only part of the unlimited budget Selig has dedicated to embarrass A-Rod.  Thirty private investigators -  is there any other organization so dedicated to destroying the public images and integrity of its employees?  According to the whistleblower, NBA players and professional boxers, tennis players and MMA fighters were also Biogenesis clients; you don't see the powers that be in those sports going all-out to publicly shame them.  Yet baseball hires the former director of the Secret Service, FBI agents, security details and pays legal fees for Bosch.  Kinda overkill maybe?
This sounds like a lot of contract employees doing whatever they can to justify (and extend) their employment, but hey, keep cashing them cheques, retired government employees.  I’m sure MLB pays better then Uncle Sam.

Anyone looking for A-Rod to just give up and confess to his crimes - look what happened to Lance Armstrong.  Another unlikeable athlete who apologized after years of denial - threw himself at the feet of public opinion and begged for mercy.  He lost everything. So why would A-Rod surrender the fight?  Sometimes you just can’t give up on lie and gotta roll with it till the end.  What's the upside for him?  Does any of this sideshow help get PEDs out of baseball, or is it just about embarrassing athletes?

We celebrate Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning for historically age-defying performances after getting their blood spun in Germany (because its illegal in North America) but we shake a fist at A-Rod and others for using the same substances frequently used in rec. league softball.  All done with the same intentions as Kobe and Peyton: healing the body and slowing down undefeated Father Time.

If MLB was really serious about getting PEDs out of baseball, it would have put together a proper testing program.  Bosch isn’t a doctor, chemist or scientist; he’s a hustler and he put together this master plan to outsmart what MLB claims to be the ‘toughest anti-doping rules in all of American pro sports.’  Like everything in pro sports, this is about the dollars - in this case, finding ways to begin getting rid of guaranteed contracts in baseball.

There isn’t a right side here.  Everything about this investigation is shady and dirty.  A-Rod has been making bad decisions his whole adult life, and his defenders erode by the day, Anthony Bosch is a self-admitted fraud and criminal, and MLB is a billion-dollar organization with its own motivations for this sustained witch hunt (which isn’t going away and will only continue). Stay tuned for the next episode, which will be titled ‘A-Rod sues MLB and the Players Union’.