Starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey of the Minnesota Twins is a former Wichita State Shocker, he still lives in Wichita during the off-season, and he is a Shockers basketball season ticket holder...the Twins decided to have some fun with that.

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire was able to convince Pelfrey that the Shockers asked him to deliver the team an inspirational speech prior to one of their games over the weekend. It took some convincing, but Pelfrey obliged.

Worst psych-up speech ever.

I love Ron Gardenhire. He's a "new school" guy and he is loved by his players, but once he gets between the chalk lines he is 100% "old school". One of the best in the business and he does an awesome job of acting in this video.

"Hey, they don't need your life story. They want you to pump them up...let's go!"

"That's all you got? That's all you got?...Give 'em somethin', man."