CBS' "One Shining Moment" has run it's course. The musical montage that ends television coverage of the NCAA Tournament is old school and, quite frankly, boring to watch. Here is a better tourney recap:

Let me start by saying that Monday night's Championship game was a very impressive performance by the Connecticut Huskies. Their wire-to-wire victory was challenged a couple of times by Kentucky but I never felt like they were going to give it up. Clutch shooting all over the floor once they got through the slump at the beginning of the 2nd half. does the New England campus celebrate winning a National Championship as a #7 seed?

Final Four MVP Shabazz Napier didn't stop trash talking all tournament long...even after the final whistle on Monday night. In my opinion Shabazz is the next great point guard in the NBA. Kid's got crazy skills and the attitude to go with it.

The Kentucky Wildcats had a great run to the finals. As an eight seed and full of freshmen they were looked upon as a team that could pulls off a couple of upsets and go deep...but not many people thought they would go this deep.

Tough break, buddy. 

Here is some other random stuff from the tournament...starting with the Arizona cop who was a little bit overzealous after the Wildcats got screwed out of the tourney.

Dayton president Dan Curran crowd-surfing during post-upset celebrations on campus...right before the riot police moved in.

Of course, who could forget Kevin Canevari's 'Nae Nae'.

There was this:

And the most emotional post game locker room coach's speech I've ever seen after Creighton was eliminated (if you have a spare nine minutes it's worth watching coach McDermott address his son).

Of course, I ran a daily cheerleader feature throughout the event. It got a little bit exhausting near the end. Scrolling through pages and pages of the same photos trying to find something new to feature for these schools who kept moving on got a bit tiresome. Rough life, right?

Here are the highlights of my cheerleader sessions (Oregon wasn't featured but they deserve an honorary spot in the recap blog):

Oh, and I was just kidding about 'One Shining Moment' at the beginning of this recap. It's still it is: