The Cowboys are in the midst of a two-game losing streak. That normally wouldn’t be cause for concern, especially with the rival Giants still winless heading into Week 6. However, Cowboys fans aren’t known for being reasonable or calm when the losing starts.

The blame train for years has been directed at Tony Romo and/or Jason Garret. These days Romo is being showered with praise as the new voice of the NFL and Jason Garret is just too easy a target so how about Yasmine Nicole.

Does this make sense? Not at all, but Nicole was sighted at both of the Cowboys home defeats over the last two weeks and Cowboys will never forget the stain Jessica Simpson put on Tony Romo wearing that pink jersey. So why not find an updated target.

Reports of their relationship seem to come almost exclusively from Yasmine’s less than subtle Instagram posts saying “I’m only really watching one player,” as she wore a Prescott jersey.

Whether or not the pair is an item or not, the Boys are 0-2 since Yasmine started posting from games and that seems like as good a reason as any to ban her from AT&T Stadium.

If she is the ladyfriend of Dak Prescott, this serves as another reminder how good it is to be the starting quarterback.

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