Normally with athletes and Instagram models its the athlete trying to slide into the models DM’s, cough, cough - King James. In this case, its an athlete basically saying he doesn’t want those problems. Brazil native Suzy Cortez is a huge Barcelona fan and routinely shows her love for the club with sexy photos in club attire.

Not something most people are going to take issue with, someone who according to Cortez is annoyed by this practice is Lionel Messi’s longtime girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo. Cortez speculates that Roccuzzo’s ‘jealousy’ prompted her to block the 2015 Miss BumBum Brazil winner on Instagram and make sure Messi followed.

Miss BumBum Brazil does have over 366,000 Intstagram followers so I’m sure she’ll be ok. I wonder if she’s a Cavs fan? You know who else is going to wonder that - Lebron.

On behalf of the millions of Barcelona fans out there I hope this doesn’t prompt her to cut down on her output of Barca-themed posts. If that happens we all lose.

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