In the NBA last night, LeBron James of the Miami Heat did something that I've never seen before by pulling off the elusive double-flop, and Derrick Williams of the Sacramento Kings tried to become a viral sensation during garbage-time against the Bulls...he did.

Remember this article from the playoffs last season where LeBron proclaimed that he wasn't a flopper? Nobody bought it at the time, and now he has cemented himself as one of the elite floppers in the history of the game.

"I don't need to flop," James said. "I play an aggressive game. I don't flop. I've never been one of those guys."

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, allow me to present to you...

LeBron James Hilariously Flops Twice on One Play

The next clip, really, speaks for itself.

Former second-overall draft pick Derrick Williams totally fails at his attempt at some garbage-time flair against the Bulls.