This is a running gag between Kristen Wiig and 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon where, each time she appears as a guest on the show, she improvs as someone who she knows nothing about.

Wiig knows nothing about sports and has no interest in Peyton Manning's career or his Super Bowl victory this past weekend. There could be no better character to play as she answers some pretty basic questions from the host.

Q: What goes through your mind? The final seconds of the Super Bowl, they're ticking away and what are you thinking?

A: I'm thinking...uh...I'm so far from the line. I'm far away from the line and I have to get...I have to get it to the...I gotta do it! I gotta get this ball to the guy!!!

The internet is freaking out about this today. I thought it was O.K. but it wasn't worthy of adjectives like "hilarious" and "comedy gold". I've seen Kristen Wiig and Jimmy Fallon do these in the past and I'd argue that this Peyton Manning improv wasn't even close to their best.


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