It's baseball season again, which means plenty of videos coming from the Asian leagues in an attempt to get YouTube attention. Last season we had weird Manny Ramirez videos and a first pitch performed by a stripper/yoga instructor. This year we kick off first pitch season with something truly unique.

The KT Wiz are a new team in the Korean Baseball Organization. On the night of their first ever home game they decided to replace some lame celebrity, former player, or politician with a bad-ass FIREBALL!

Alright, I'll admit, that wasn't as good as it should have been. The fireball idea is a good one, but something was missing here. Perhaps the fireball should have been bigger...yeah, bigger. Perhaps the fireball should have drilled the idiot mascot right in the chest and sent him sprinting off the field engulfed in flames. I despise mascots so I think I'm leaning more in that direction.

Either way, we can expect more videos like this to be popping up over the next few months from all across Asia. Keep 'em coming, we'll keep posting them.

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