The Hanwha Eagles of the Korean Baseball Organization have installed several rows of robotic fans called "Fanbots". The experiment very interesting...and disconcerting.

The robotic cheering section will provide extra cash for ownership by way of advertising on their digital placard signs and will provide more interaction between the team and the fans who can't get to the live games. Fans will be able to upload selfies and messages using their mobile devices that will appear on the robots in the stadium.

Here is how the team is explaining their new cheering section:

Fans of Hanwha Eagles, a Korean Major League Baseball Team, always come to the stadium to cheer for the team. But those who cannot come to the stadium watch the game on the web or on their phones, and cheer through commenting online and via sns. What if there was a robot cheering for those fans?

At important events, the fanbots encourage group cheering…

Most importantly, the fan and the Fanbot made victory together.

This seems like the start of a high-budget CGI-based sci-fi movie. An evil computer genius takes control of the robotic fans and wipes out the entire crowd using high-powered lasers stealthily placed inside the eyes of the bots. But the "Fanbots" don't stop there. Their plan for world domination continues all across Asia, with Europe and North America clearly in their cross-hairs, and it is up to the geeky computer programmer from rural Oregon to save the world.

As long as we have a plan in place to stop the apocalypse, this could work really well at the North American stadiums that we all know so well. Empty seats are an eye sore and bad for business...fill them up with "Fanbots" (just be careful).

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