Remember when trading Klay Thompson was all the rage and he wasn’t going to be able to get enough shots with Durant? The Warriors had too much shooting and should trade Thompson for some interior length? Yeah, last night against the Pacers he went 21-33 from the field, 8-14 from behind the arc, and 10 for 11 from the line… in 29 minutes.

This happened over the course of three quarters, and because Steve Kerr is a gentleman and doesn’t feel the need to run up the score, he sat Thompson during the fourth. Still, by the time Thompson was finished for the night, he had 60 points while the Pacers only had 83.

Here’s a supercut of the Klay Thompson show:

No one was happier then his teammates, in particular Steph Curry:

The basketball world took notice and started spitting lots of interesting and useless facts about his performance and where it falls into the history of the NBA.

And the rest of the Warriors were doing some pretty cool things in this game as well.

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