Comedian Kevin Hart, trying his best to stay relevant, did his best Eddie Murphy as "The Klumps" impression by spoofing the entire 'Inside The NBA' panel for a new TNT commercial.

I like Kevin Hart, he makes me laugh. But it seems as though we may have been a bit overexposed to the little man's comedy stylings during the media blitz for his recent film 'Ride Along' with Ice Cube. He and Cube were absolutely everywhere before and during the release and I think they wore me out. I didn't even go to see 'Ride Along' because I felt I'd been saturated by the duo...that is counterproductive marketing.

Charles Barkley falling asleep was a nice touch, but most of this was mediocre. I'm sure the 'B'-sides from this shoot were way better. Kevin Hart without a filter is a better Kevin Hart.

This was a better Kevin Hart spoof. Yes, it was part of the marketing blitz for 'Ride Along'...but it was released early enough that I wasn't fed up yet. Samsonite blogged about this video back in December.

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