Fresh off being the breakout darling of the Rio Olympics, Kate Ledecky was back in her hometown of Washington to throw out the ceremonial first pitch as the Nationals played the Orioles.

I’ll admit I already kinda forgot about Ledecky and had to Google her. Olympics swimming feels like it happened a long time ago. In fairness, I never even bothered to learn the names of the other Team USA swimmers Ryan Lochte was hanging out with that night.

The five-time medalist brought her Olympic jewelry with her to the mound and that caused a little issue. We have countless examples of challenging it can be to throw out a first pitch, let alone if you have five Olympic medals hanging from your neck. What was her solution? Hand them to NL MVP Bryce Harper.

Nice story and it looked like everyone was having a good time, I’ll ignore the low hanging fruit that Harper was holding her Olympic medals and Ledecky was holding his World Series trophies... but it was a good observation made on Reddit.

During my quick dive into Katie Ledecky I found an article explaining that she is giving up five million dollars a year in endorsements so she can compete as an amateur swimmer at Stanford. Which is madness, good for her and life must be pretty great if your 19-years-old and your turning away five million dollars a year because you want to compete in NCAA swimming. After you’ve already won five medals at the Olympics. That’s a type of reasoning I wont ever understand. And this serves as your weekly reminder that the NCAA really stinks and is operating on an outdated model. If you work for the NCAA you must be disgusted by your employer when you read a story like this. I can understand swallowing some of the BS that they spew out, but this is nonsense.

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