I can’t say I really care who wins the CY Young award, congrats to Rick Porcello and everything. The Red Sox ace had a career season and its always nice to see a player win an award for the first time. Especially in a position like baseball starting pitcher where career altering injuries happen with scary regularity.

However, I did learn however that Kate Upton absolutely cared about who won the CY Young award this season and went scorched earth when she found out the winner wasn’t her fiancee Justin Verlander.

The world-famous swim suit model took to social media to spit poison at the Red Sox pitcher and the baseball writers who left the Tigers ace off their ballot altogether, allowing Porcello to pick up the award despite receiving less first place votes.

Verlander’s younger brother, also didn’t seem impressed by the results of the voters and instead of ranting, posted some ‘baseball facts.’

In defense of Porcello, he did nothing to deserve anything but praise. The award was voted upon and he won, any sour grapes directed at him are misplaced. And he handled the fallout cool as ice, saying to the Boston Herald:

“No. I honestly don’t care," Porcello said when asked if he cared about Upton's reaction. "I’m not the one that made that decision as far as who wins the Cy Young. All I know is I’ve got a lot of people around me right now that I love very much and have been instrumental in my success in getting to this point, and on top of that we’ve got some really good bottles of wine that still need to be drank. There’s not really a concern in my mind.

The best part about all this is it reminded me of Kate Upton and any reason to Google Ms. Upton is a good reason. It’s also an excuse to post some photos of the model, actress and ad campaign superstar.

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