On Sunday, supermodel Kate Upton ripped into Miami Dolphins players for joining into the national anthem protest started by Colin Kaepernick. If you’re looking for indication that a sports story is overplayed, when Rob Lowe and Kate Upton are weighing in are pretty big red flags.

On Monday, His & Hers host Jemele Hill was one of the many that didn’t appreciate Upton weighing in on the subject and went scorched Earth on the Sports Illustrated model.

The main points made by Hill were Upton ‘parachuting into the conversation just because it took place on 9/11.’ Hill went next level soul crushing when she called out Upton’s uncle, Congressman Fred Upton, who voted against the bill to help 9/11 first responders. Hill noted that Upton didn’t tweet any frustrations about that lack of support for fellow Americans.

That takedown starts at the 5:10 mark.

I would say that round goes to Jemele, ready for round two whenever you are Miss Upton.

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