Kazuhito Tadano... Kazuhito Tadano... the name rings a bell. Was he suppose to be a fantasy baseball sleeper a couple of year ago? or is that every minor league prospect? 

Tadano is currently pitching for the Hokkaido-Ham Fighters of the Japanese Pacific League and recently used his secret weapon pitch - a rainbow ‘Eephus’. Wikipedia explains the Eephus pitch as ‘very low speed junk pitch’ that travels ‘55 miles per hour or less, sometimes into the low 40s’. 

This pitch seemed to surprise everyone including the umpire, who called it a ball. The catchers glove is in the middle of the plate and didn’t move. Tough call, or does the eephus violate one of those unwritten baseball rules? 

Kazuhito Tadano played for the Cleveland Indians for two years and sported a 4.50 ERA in 54 career innings before returning to Japan. He also appeared in a gay porn while he was in college and the story was big news in 2004