Is this the worst miss in the history of the soccer field?

That question or something similar surfaces on social media every couple of months and we see a mediocre player fail miserably. That failure which is normally the only reference we have to the athlete and league they play in, spreads like wildfire over social media. This latest example is simply bewildering.

Serbian team Lokomotiva were playing away at FC Turbina on Sunday in the Belgrade Zone league, a regional section of the fourth tier of Serbian football. Not a league even the most devoted soccer fan should even know exists.

Striker Milan "Lemi" Djuricic capitalized on a mix-up in the FC Turbina defense and after taking the ball off the fallen down keeper, he ran with the ball towards an empty goal.

With no opposition players close to him, he was basically in the net as he swung to put the ball into the empty net.

But what happened next has to be seen to be believed. If that happened in a video game? Look out!

"The ball bounced uncomfortably for me," he said after the match.

Thankfully for Djuricic, his team won 2-1 and remain top of their league on goal difference. So only his pride was hurt and his actions didn’t cost his club.

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