Claudia Romani is back and doing what she loves to do. Hanging around a beach in skimpy bikinis, wearing soccer gear and being photographed. I can’t think of a way to better endear yourself to soccer fans around the globe.

Romani is the world’s sexiest referee, even though I’ve never seen her officiate a match. The 32-year old is qualified to referee fixtures in Italy’s Serie A and Serie B or at least was according to the Daily Mail.

She rocks for AC Milan and during Euro’s we noticed her cheering for Italy. Which makes sense, while she currently resides in Miami her love of club and country is passionate.

I’m fine with a super model being an official and would love to see it happen, just not sure Ms. Romani is the best option with her clear bias. Not sure how well that would go over in Italy.  Romani's love of AC Milan isn't a new fad, here's a video of her from a few years ago trying to convert people to AC Milan fans.

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