When you are playing in the Australian Hockey League (and you are also a co-owner of the team) you have to do whatever it takes to get some attention. This celebration of a game-winning goal should do the trick.

This is my first day back after a couple of days off. Over my "weekend" I saw this video clip from the AIHL and was instantly sold. This is awesome!

Ric Del Basso of the Perth Thunder pulled off a perfect head slide after scoring the winner in a shootout. This is actually incredibly hard to do. I'm not sure if he was actually trying to do a summersault and got caught up or if he was actually intending to do the head slide. Either way...well done.

This won't get me watching the Australian Hockey League on a regular basis, but I now know that they have a league down under and I've now heard of the Perth Thunder. Success.

H/T - Puck Daddy

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