When Herb Kohl sold the Milwaukee Bucks back in April for $550 million, he could have done what most sellers do...fade away and be forgotten by their former franchises. What Kohl did instead is something truly special...

As part of the sale to investors Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry, there was language in the agreement that the team will remain in Milwaukee and the new owners were convinced to commit at least $100 million to a new arena within the city of Milwaukee. This means that not only will the team not be moving anytime soon, but the Bucks will be staying downtown instead of scooting out to the suburbs and leaving the downtown businesses high-and-dry.

Good for him...but that is certainly not the end of Herb Kohl's generosity and commitment to the city of Milwaukee and the Bucks franchise.

Back in May, Kohl sent every single employee of the Bradley Center a Thank You note and a check for $500. So not only did he make sure these people kept their jobs, but he sent them all bonuses as a departing gesture of good faith and thanks.

You think he's done there? Nope...

Gery Woeflel of The Racine Journal Times published a report this week that Kohl's generosity extended much further than his parting gifts to Bradley Center employees. He also gave gifts to members of the Milwaukee Bucks' office staff:

to others in the organization, from secretaries to sales personnel to basketball operations officials. The amount Kohl gave those employees varied and was based on different criterion, not the least of which was longevity with the organization.

Some Bucks employees received $40,000 while others received nearly $100,000. And there were even some individuals who were given checks that one person close to the situation described as “life changing.”

In a world where we mostly focus on tragedies, troublemakers, and titillation...it's nice to hear a heart-warming story like this from time-to-time. It reminds me of the last ten minutes of every episode of 'Undercover Boss'. Well done, Mr. Kohl. You may not be an angel but you certainly are a caring spirit.

Now...back to the titillation.

H/T - Yahoo!

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