The World Cup starts on Thursday and this video from the German 5th division over the weekend could be exactly what the viewing public is in for once the "action" kicks off.

Every time there is a major soccer event the haters and complainers come out in full force here in North America. This week will be no different.

Thursday will bring a social media wave unlike anything we have ever seen before and a good chunk of those tweeters will be whining and complaining about the lack of scoring in the beautiful game and...diving.

Diving in soccer is an art form and the South Americans are some of the best in the business. Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, and Uruguay will all be flopping around the pitch like freshly landed swordfish. It will be up to the officials to sort out the real from the fake. I never blame players in any sport for flopping or's all about gaining an advantage over your opponent and if the officials are going to make the calls I say go for it. If you have a problem with embellishment in any form, you probably should stay away from your sports coverage over the next several weeks.

I'm actually interested to see how the officials handle the dives by the South American countries. As Samsonite outlined on Monday, FIFA is hugely corrupt and have likely instructed officials to favor the countries from the home continent. Will it be blatantly obvious or a subtly executed screw-job for anyone playing against one of the six South American countries.

Although the coach's dive posted above might be one of the worst acting jobs of all, of course, isn't the only sport impacted by this epidemic.