Remember Phillip "Hot Sauce" Champion from the wildly popular 'AND1 Mixtape Tour'? Well, "Hot Sauce" is now 37-years old but he still has ridiculous moves and the ability to absolutely embarrass a poor defender. Poor guy didn't stand a chance.

In this insane video clip, "Hot Sauce" teams up with "Baby LeBron" while playing with the travelling streetball tour 'Court Kingz'. "Hot Sauce" spins the defender in circles before tossing up a posterizing alley-oop to "Baby LeBron" for the powerful finish.

"Here’s a basketball tip.  No matter how bad you get embarrassed in a streetball game, don’t ever turn your back on the man with the ball.  The odds are you are just going to get more embarrassed.  Then you risk the chance of being ran out of the gym when the gym gets shut down."

H/T - Ball Is Life for the perfect quote above