The Olympics have started for the U.S. women’s national team with a 2-0 win over New Zealand. The most interesting thing about the opener was the reception U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo received from the Olympic crowd. Solo, who doesn’t come across as likable at the best of times suffers from resting bitch face and angered the locals with a series of Tweets she sent while packing for her trip.

Brazilians don’t appear to be very happy and trolled Solo throughout the opening match.

Add this to the list of people that got themselves into trouble trying to be funny. Seems like she is going to have to deal with a hostile crowd in Rio and I suspect things will only get louder as things go along. If USWNT matches up with the Brazil women’s soccer team in the knockout round things could get very interesting for the goal keeper.

In defense of the record breaking keeper she has been complimentary of Brazil since arriving and blamed the American media for giving people the wrong idea about the conditions in Brazil.

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