The NBA Slam Dunk Contest has become flat and stale, but the Drew League Slam Dunk Contest features fresh athletes who are really good at dunking the basketball. Check out the highlight mixtape from the event.

I'm not going to sit here and say that this wasn't better than the NBA Dunk Contest (because it was) but you have to be really careful when you are watching a mixtape and comparing it to an event that you watched live and took two hour to complete. When watching a mixtape there is no telling how many times Chris Staples attempted to bank the ball off the back wall into a windmill jam, breaking the momentum of the entire event.

The Drew League Dunk Contest was won by Young Hollywood and also featured elite athletes like Steven Mallory, the very creative Jonathan Clark, Airdogg (great name), and the previously mentioned Staples.

Great video. Dunks are always fun to watch (especially during the NBA off-season).

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