Just Hank being Hank. The coolest guy in sports is starring in a new commercial for the underwear company Bread & Boxers. The ad features plenty of "King Henrik" staring off into the distance and showcasing his rugged good looks. And that hair...oh, that hair.

Lundqvist spends most of his time on camera with a mask over his face, so when the goalie gear comes off Hank likes to have fun and market himself as the face of the New York Rangers. The 2012 Vezina Trophy winner as the National Hockey League's best goaltender has an Olympic gold medal in his trophy case and hordes of female sports fans in the palm of his hand.

"King Henrik" is not only a professional hockey player...he dabbles in many other pursuits including playing the guitar:


And Acting:

He's also a bad boy who drops f-bombs on live TV:

Keep it up, Hank.