Heck, I didn't even realize that we had an underwear line (or any clothing line for that matter) here at Pro Sports Daily. 

Oh yeah, we don't. This PSD stands for "Pant Saggin Dezign" and caters to the "extreme" crowd. Tattoos, skateboards, and bad-asses.

Chris 'Birdman' Anderson and Udonis Haslem of the Miami Heat are not your conventional model-types, but both have signed on as models for the PSD Underwear brand. Former Miami Heat player (and current Memphis Grizzlies forward) Mike Miller is a financial partner with PSD and, reportedly, recruited his friends to join in the fun.

If Pro Sports Daily DID have an underwear brand...these would probably be the type of personalities that we would go for as our spokespeople.

The brand also features Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills: